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Why Choose Sky Space?


When you’re busy there isn’t a lot of time to work on who and how you are together as a team. And when there’s not much of something, it makes it all the more precious.

Working with Sky Space team development specialists is a valuable opportunity to notice, really notice who you are together and how that contributes to what you’re experiencing and achieving. 

Working with us will reveal the hidden and often unconscious values, beliefs and behaviours that shape your culture and drive your performance. Reconnecting you with your purpose and helping you discover new possibilities.

With us you can become a stronger and more resilient team. Positioned ahead of the curve, ready to respond skillfully and creatively to challenge and change.


Team development, organisational context

Developing the capacity of an organisation or team to manage uncertainty, change and complexity at the human level takes time. It requires a clear context, resourcing, support and commitment. It comes about through reflection, action and learning.

We are team development specialists and ensure the big picture is held in focus throughout the team development process. We champion the needs of the sponsor – steering individuals, teams and stakeholders towards meeting the requirements of the overarching agenda.

We also respect that perceptions of complexity and ‘what’s not working and what needs to happen’ can be very different depending on where you sit and the role you hold.

Choosing Sky Space means that teams, stakeholders and individuals will be respected and given a voice so that perceptions of reality can be explored and acknowledged. We also respect that ultimately not all voices and opinions carry the same weight.


Professionally delivered scalable team development solutions

Choosing to work with accredited certified professionals with a wealth of cross-sector experience and a deep understanding of team and organisational development will improve the results your team achieves.

Our approach is a blend consultancy, facilitation, training and systemic coaching. Individually members of our team can work with individuals and smaller teams. Together they can work with large groups, multiple organisational departments and interdependent stakeholder groups.


A systemic approach to team development

Working with Sky Space produces powerful systemic results that translate into demonstrable increases in positivity and productivity.

Our approach blends facilitation, consultation and experiential learning with systemic coaching.

The benefits you’ll receive by choosing Sky Space will be more comprehensive, and ultimately more sustainable, than leadership development, individual coaching, training and team building can deliver alone.


Building positive and productive team dynamics

It’s an established adage that a team is only as good as the people in it. We say that’s only part of the story because when teams face challenges, often it’s not the individual people that are the problem, it’s the connection between them.

And when relationships break down, the issues that surface can feed off each other and become subtly embedded, impacting positivity and productivity.

Our team is made up of team development specialists and working with us is a choice to build stronger, more resilient and creative relationships across your team, partnership or organisation.


Mastering ‘change’ as a team

‘Change management’ is traditionally point-in-time, and manged top down through projects and process. The current experience is that change is all around: constant, high tempo, multi-dimensional, continuously impactful and fluid in nature.

Careful planning and well executed processes will remain important. But without a healthy management of change culture at all levels, organisations struggle to sustain key aspects of their culture and brand experience as they continuously transform.

Choosing to work with Sky Space is a step towards building a healthy management of change culture. Our approach supports organisations and people to better manage constant change and embrace continuous renewal. Enabling them to become skillfully responsive, not reactive.


Shaping high performance cultures

Consistently high performing teams can only exist in a high performing culture.

This means people being positive, productive, creative, supportive and resilient. More aware of their impact on each other and what the team, partnership or organisation needs from them individually and collectively to thrive.

Working with Sky Space opens the door to exploring and nurturing your own unique version of a high performing culture.


Developing accountable and empowered teams

Our clients benefit from bespoke organisation and team development programmes, designed by our team development specialists to fit their context and needs.

We greet clients as heros in their own journeys, meet them ‘where they are’ and acknowledge their current reality, strengths and challenges. Addressing priorities first while also working to leave them empowered, accountable and aligned. Ready to move into the future equipped to continuously learn and grow.


Demonstrating ROI and impact

For team development to be effective goals need to be clear and outcomes measureable. As team development specialists we work with clients to design how best to evaluate the impact of the team development process given their goals and desired outcomes. Using quantitative and qualitative methods to build a rich picture.


Ethical Contracting and Delivery

We are professionally certified and accreditted organisation and team development specialists with a commitment to best practice. We adhere to the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.

Ethical coaching is underpinned by clear, transparent and careful contracting. We pay close attention to issues including: outcomes, success factors, confidentiality, reporting, inclusion and boundaries. This sets everyone up for success by establishing clarity, clear boundaries and safety.

Institute of Consulting
International Coach Federation Member
International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach
Organisation and Relationship Systems Certified Coach
City and Guilds ILM L7 Diploma Executive Coaching and Mentoring
Accredited Narrative Coach
Certified Professional Co Active Coach