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Sky Space

A specialist team development partner for collaborative partnerships, teams and organisations breaking new ground and navigating change in a complex world.

Team development matters because when relationships go bad teams stop working. People turn off, become inflexible, disengage, disrupt and leave. Things get messy and good decisions become harder to make.

New tools, technology and organisational structures can help. But many organisations sit on a graveyard of partially adopted tech and change management initiatives that fell short.

If this resonnates and your organisation has a clear commitment to developing and embedding the ability to better hold complexity, change and challenge, welcome to Sky Space.

We are team and organisational development specialists ready to help your team develop, overcome its challenges and realise its potential.


“Martyn has led me towards an unfolding of who I really am and an understanding and acceptance of what’s important to me. He stood beside me and helped me through many major work and significant life changes. Offering valuable insights and guidance as well as the necessary home truths and encouragement that helped me take the (often scary!) steps of personal growth.”

Service Delivery Manager

Social Services

“Stephane made me feel safe and supported (I am easily threatened if people want to take me to my emotions). He was challenging and clear when dealing with me. I think he is brilliant……he has a natural quietness and calm, which is supportive. I believe that he is focussing on me and pushing me to reflect without judging me at all….so that gives me confidence and security”.

Chief Executive

Voluntary Sector Representative Organisation

“Before starting with Martyn I was one of those who thought coaching was for other people. He gently broke the barriers of skepticism, providing the opportunity for release of anxiety that had nowhere else to go. Over the years his ability to recall the panorama of our discussions has added to a deepening ability to provide support as life’s pattern changes.”


Investments, Property and Leisure Group

Team Development Case Study

Client’s starting context

At the start of the coaching I identified a long-term vision for the practice. I also identified specific team challenges to overcome including pressure of workload leaving little time for strategic planning, a particularly poor client relationship, and a legacy of high-stress projects that had translated into a toxic workplace atmosphere. There was a danger that a key member of staff would leave the practice as a consequence.”

Managing Director

Professional Services Company

How Sky Space facilitated change

“Working with Sky Space provided a safe space to acknowledge these pressures with colleagues and to consider how to address them. The team became more comfortable discussing stress and how it is manifested, and better at finding solutions collectively.

  Team development coaching with Sky Space also helped me to articulate a route towards my long-term vision, built my confidence in following this path, and supported the team in tackling the challenge. I have initiated a period of significant change for the company. And am managing the change as it progresses, with coaching to support and sustain this process.

Managing Director

Professional Services Company

The impact on organisational culture

“The semi-toxic culture of the workplace has been transformed. In general we are much happier and more mutually-supportive and there is better understanding between the team of how to respond to stress. Changes include taking time out socially to dilute tension, introducing remote working to improve work-life balance, making efforts to support others’ workload, and learning from bad experiences on past projects to make practical changes. I believe that the team now understand feelings of stress of low confidence to be temporary. We have become a better team.

Improvements in team culture, and supporting workload across the practice have led to increased productivity.

The changes processes I initiated are not yet complete, but have cemented team loyalty and reinvigorated ambition and hope for the future. Team development with Sky Space has helped to address the fear of change during this process.”

Managing Director

Professional Services Company

Feedback from the team

“That was really brave, the way you got us to go places we would never go to was impressive – we had an amazing projects meeting the Tuesday after, no way that would have happened without the session with you. Thank you.”

Senior Team Member

Professional Services Company

Impact on productivity

“The company was on a growth trajectory and enjoyed a very successful trading year following, and aided by the coaching. A cautious analysis at the end of the 67.5-hour team development programme following a process approved by the client, showed that coaching increased pre-tax profits by approximately 88%

Evaluation of team development programme

Professional Services Company

What happened next?

“Following up with the client 12 months after the end of the coaching programme revealed they had recruited 3 new members of staff, had diversified their client base as per their plans and were on the way to completing an exciting rebrand. They also reported their most successful year of trading.

There was music playing in the office and people were smiling!

12 month follow-up

Professional Services Company

Facilitation Case Study

“Date with an Elephant”

Dec 18-20, 2019. London.

Workshop theme and focus

The ambition was to allow a picture of a new sustainable system to emerge. One that linked the health of people, to the health of their communities and the planet. The workshop was a chance for participants to meet, create relationship and pool their perspectives and insights.

Workshop client and participants

Indra Adnan, from ‘The Alternative UK’ brought together 30 pioneering systems thinkers, activists, practitioners and change makers from the UK to attend the workshop. Everyone was actively engaged in working for sustainable system change at all levels of society from the individual to the global.

Participants included futurists, new economy practitioners, new media designers, politicians and political thinkers, psychologists, health and environmental policy developers and practitioners, technologists, organisational designers, gender activists, social change makers, culturalists and more.

Read an editorial on the event the ‘The Alternative ‘ website here.

Client Feedback

Overall rating based on 10 indicators 


Indra Adnan

The Alternative UK

Planning and preparation

“Stephane did his research on the people coming and showed a good awareness of the challenges we might face in the room. He showed that he understood the brief and managed expectations.

There was clarity about roles and responsibilities. We had discussed before the event that the convenors – myself and partners – would be part of the process, not co-designing or facilitating. Stephane stepped up strongly and never tried to make us responsible for outcomes.

The planning process was efficient, effective and met my expectations. He educated me about his approach to facilitation and made expectations around the philosophy, focus and potential impact clear. I couldn’t fault the ambition of what we were attempting. We took time before the event to go through the schedule and his thinking around the choice of exercises.”

Post event

“Stephane was supportive of me after the event he made himself available in whatever way possible after the event – despite it being Christmas and New Year. He understood the complex emotions that follow such an ambitious attempt to do something never done before and stayed open to outcomes as they arose.”

Indra Adnan

The Alternative UK

Workshop delivery

“Stephane’s facilitation met my expectations. He did a brilliant job. In a very diverse room with plenty of self-determination and no previous experience of collaborating with each other, he kept us moving through an original and ambitious agenda. For those who were in the habit of observing closely, the exercises showed the room to itself in all its strengths and weaknesses. There were many very poignant as well as exhilarating moments. Not a single person left the process for reasons within their control.

He acted professionally, with integrity and in a way that was consistent with the expectations I had of him. Going well beyond my expectations of a conscientious and ‘true’ facilitator, he arrived hours earlier than the participants and kept to time. He also offered a contract to be with us all with integrity at the beginning of the process, which he clearly stuck to throughout.

He was personable, sensitive and responsive. Alive to what was happening in the room and he supported participants to have a positive experience. My only reason for not giving a full 5 is that we allowed ourselves to be slightly de-railed on the final day by the emotions in the room. We saw a pattern arise that might have given way to a different energy for becoming responsible, but instead ended up a little dissipated. Having said that, he completed the event masterfully so that the whole group could remain open to next steps.

Stephane worked well with his co facilitators. He did not have a second ORSC facilitator to help, but made fantastic use of the different skills available to him via the ‘home team’. For example, he collaborated with an improv expert who was also doing admin. And gave space to the youngest person in the room as an expert witness.”

Indra Adnan

The Alternative UK

Participant Feedback

“Stephane allowed me the freedom to experience a different facilitation style and work in different ways. He helped me feel the emergence of system – ‘The Elephant’. He kept the show on the road despite perturbances. Allowed dissent and used the energy of it well. He listened, and heard, not just the explicit communication(s) in the room, but also the (potentially more important) implicit. We may not have reached the end goal we would have envisioned at the beginning but Stephane guided us to a worthwhile conclusion. Stephane helped us surface some difficult emotions in a safe environment and through such safe vulnerability helped us to build trust.  A personal thank you from me to Stephane for a dynamic workshop that I enjoyed and challenged me in a positive and constructive way.”

- Ian

“Stephane ensured that everyone felt included and heard, even (perhaps especially) when they had difficult things to say.”

- Hilary

“I found Stephane to be a competent, effective and safe facilitator, all around. He held the creative and emotional tensions with a good balance of tenderness and focus. I felt comfortable handing over the reigns, so to say,and going on the ride with him whether or not I immediately understood or resonated with every choice. I think it’s a great quality in a facilitator, to engender trust and comfort, when things are both ‘going well’ and ‘not so well’. I would have no reservations attending another event or process he was hosting.

He held the line between strength and receptivity – which is no easy task for a facilitator. Was agile enough to recognize when the group needed to be heard and firm enough to help keep the process flowing without losing it’s balance. I enjoyed his metaphor of weather with group energy/emotions. His perspectives on everyone having a piece of the truth and establishing that different is just different – not wrong or less than.”

- Bret

“Stephane held a very strong container with heart as well as consistency and strong boundaries. Core strengths: well planned and executed structure and process, ability to keep everyone on course despite tension, explicit context and values and overall integrity of character and position. He was approachable yet firm.”

- Andrea

Institute of Consulting
International Coach Federation Member
International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach
Organisation and Relationship Systems Certified Coach
City and Guilds ILM L7 Diploma Executive Coaching and Mentoring
Accredited Narrative Coach
Certified Professional Co Active Coach