Cornwall, Devon and Somerset


Strategic Leadership and Collaborative Support

We are supporting Belong in Plymouth by assisting partners to explore how the voluntary and statutory sectors can collaborate more effectively. The community sector, the NHS, and local authorities operate differently, and despite their overlapping aims at a higher level, competing priorities, politics, historical issues, scope of remit and resourcing, and perceptions of power create challenges for sustainable collaboration.

As part of our role, we provide strategic leadership and collaborative support to project partners, enabling them to have constructive conversations, address issues, and work on their relationships both individually and organisationally. 

What Stephane does is nothing short of transformational.  He has worked with us since the inception of our business and helped us explore the mechanics and philosophy of its inner workings.”

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business

The result is a deeper, more profound, more human understanding of each other and why we think, react and respond the way we do.”

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business

We cannot understate his value and recommend him to anyone who wants to make the bonds in their business even stronger.

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business