Cornwall, Devon and Somerset



  • Coaching, consultancy and training to support client through change.
  • Experience working in the public, private and third sector.
  • Holistic systemic approach that develops relationships as well as people.

Organisational, Team and Personal Development

We specialise in supporting teams, organisations, and partnerships through change. Whether you need help executing a successful restructure, your team is struggling to keep up with growth, you’re finding it difficult to break a pattern of toxic communication in the workplace, or you’re committed to realising the potential of diversity but can’t do it alone, we’re here to help. We work holistically with individuals, teams, and teams of teams.

Here’s why clients work with us:

  • Results: We deliver powerful tangible and intangible results for our clients. Find out more about our work and what we’ve been able to deliver for our clients in the past.
  • Our Approach: We provide organisational, team, and personal development through coaching, training, and consultancy. Our approach supports individuals, teams, and teams of teams, fostering a culture of collaboration among interdependent stakeholders.
  • Experienced Professionals: We are certified professionals with significant cross-sector experience and expertise in developing individuals, teams, and organisations. Working with us enhances your team’s results.
  • High-Performing Culture: We believe that consistently high-performing teams can only exist in a high-performing culture. This means people being positive, productive, creative, supportive, and resilient. We support our clients to explore and nurture their own unique version of a high-performing culture and help individuals make any necessary personal adjustments needed to contribute to positive change.
  • Bespoke Programmes: Our clients benefit from bespoke organisation and team development programmes designed by our team development specialists to fit their context and needs.
  • Client-Centred: We greet clients as heroes in their own journey, meet them ‘where they are‘, and acknowledge their current reality, strengths, and challenges. We address priorities first while also working to leave them empowered, accountable, and aligned. We ensure our clients are equipped to continuously learn and grow.
  • Systemic Approach: We take a systemic approach that focuses on individuals but also works at the level of relationships. We believe that relationships are crucial and respect that perspectives differ depending on where you sit and the role you hold.

At Sky Space, we maintain a focus on the big picture while respecting individual perspectives and giving everyone a voice. 

Developing an organisation’s ability to handle uncertainty and change requires time, resources, and commitment achieved through reflection, action, and learning. Let us help you on your journey towards success. Choose Sky Space for a successful and fulfilling journey towards positive change.