Cornwall, Devon and Somerset


Learning Leads

Belong in Plymouth is one of five Healthy Communities Together investments across country aiming to change how VCSE and statutory organisations work in collaboration to tackle complex health inequalities. At the heart of the programme is a commitment to reflection and learning as way to empowering individuals and organisations to become more conscious about how they work together and collaborate as a system of diverse stakeholders.

Our role as Learning Lead involves bringing systemic learning to life through quarterly workshops and our our participation in everyday interactions with programme partners. It allows us to collaborate with our external learning partner – the South West Academic Health Science Network – and contribute to programme learning at a national level.

What Stephane does is nothing short of transformational.  He has worked with us since the inception of our business and helped us explore the mechanics and philosophy of its inner workings.”

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business

The result is a deeper, more profound, more human understanding of each other and why we think, react and respond the way we do.”

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business

We cannot understate his value and recommend him to anyone who wants to make the bonds in their business even stronger.

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business