Cornwall, Devon and Somerset


Helping a leader move on

We were asked by the regional leader of a national charity to support him to move into a bigger international role and prepare his team for life without him after 10-years together. It was an important time for his team who were navigating changing roles and responsibilities, juggling pressures on capacity and dancing with broader organisational change.

With us to support them, they celebrated their achievements and said goodbye. The team were supported to come to terms with the reality of the challenges they were facing. They faced up to patterns of behaviour and interpersonal dynamics that prevented them from adapting and realising their potential as a team. They stepped into leadership and designed how they would and take responsibility for becoming the team they needed to be.

Since our time together I’ve met both the leader and members of the team in passing. They shared that they still talk about their time with us. The leader reports he was able to let go and has settled into his new role. The regional team continue to do great work supporting some of the most vulnerable people in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.