Cornwall, Devon and Somerset


Community Researcher Training

Belong in Plymouth recognizes the importance of community research in addressing social isolation and bringing about positive change. By empowering community members to take ownership of the research process, VCSE and statutory partners can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing our communities and develop more effective solutions.

To support this effort, Sky Space provides training to individuals in Plymouth, equipping them with the skills needed to facilitate conversations and help others explore their own stories about belonging in Plymouth.

To date, we have trained over 60 community researchers and have extended our training to prepare researchers to gather the stories of high-frequency users of Emergency Departments. We contribute to city-wide forums exploring the potential of community research and are currently working to extend the training so that young people in the City can also carry out Community Research. 

What Stephane does is nothing short of transformational.  He has worked with us since the inception of our business and helped us explore the mechanics and philosophy of its inner workings.”

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business

The result is a deeper, more profound, more human understanding of each other and why we think, react and respond the way we do.”

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business

We cannot understate his value and recommend him to anyone who wants to make the bonds in their business even stronger.

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business