Cornwall, Devon and Somerset


A new family business

Starting a family business in the hospitality industry can be a daunting task. Sky Space worked with a family start-up, providing ad-hoc advice and spot-coaching as they navigated the complexities of launching their hospitality business.

As well as offering ad-hoc advice at the planning stage, we also helped them celebrate the launch of their business and helped the family unit work together as a team, navigate challenges around roles, and most importantly stay in healthy relationship as colleagues and family members as the business grew.

What Stephane does is nothing short of transformational.  He has worked with us since the inception of our business and helped us explore the mechanics and philosophy of its inner workings.”

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business

The result is a deeper, more profound, more human understanding of each other and why we think, react and respond the way we do.”

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business

We cannot understate his value and recommend him to anyone who wants to make the bonds in their business even stronger.

– Client testimonial, A New Family Business