Cornwall, Devon and Somerset


A growing consultancy

Sky Space and the client – a fast growing national consultancy and training company – started working together as the world started emerging from Covid lockdowns. The company was growing faster than could be managed and people across the business, from leadership down, were struggling with change, overwhelm, siloed working and stress which was impacting organisational performance, team culture, individual and relational health.

Sky Space worked with the company for 12-months to support the team with the challenges they were facing and develop their capacity to navigate the changes they were facing together. Read more about it below.

Client’s starting context

“At the start of the Team Development programme with Sky Space, the team at this high-growth technical and educational consultancy had a clear sense of purpose. They recognized they had a head start in their market place and enjoyed growing demand and a more visible national reputation.

However, there were several challenges that the team faced as the business grew rapidly.  Legacy systems left people struggling to keep up with their workload, leading to stress and inefficiencies. Under the strain of growth, poor and sometimes toxic communication was becoming more common, undermining relationships and impacting the team more broadly. The demands on the team were leaving people stressed and overwhelmed. Silos between functions were becoming embedded, impacting organisational performance and culture.

The Directors engaged Sky Space, who worked with the business for over a year, supporting team members to connect, learn and grow, develop new skills and awareness, become more resilient, .”

The team development programme

“Team members – from Directors down – participated in a 12-month team development programme that included team diagnostics, 6-full-day whole team workshops as well as ad-hoc support and individual coaching and mentoring for key team members.

In its broadest sense, the programme was commissioned to support the team to connect, to give the team space to work through challenges and learn together. Because of the challenges faced by the team, the programme focused on equipping individuals with perspectives, tools, time, space and support to work through individual and shared challenges so that they could make progress – in between sessions – towards becoming a better team.”

Feedback from the team

What parts of the propramme were most interesting for participants?

“Learning about how other people behave.” 

“Exploring bigger topics and each other’s understandings of the situation.” 

“The way we managed to connect with each other and the opportunities to speak up for each of us,” 

“The exercises which allowed us to get to know each other better.”

“The psychology of teamwork and communication.”

“Why people (including yourself) react the way they/you do and how you can influence that response.”

What was the experience of spending time with your colleagues in this way like for you?

It was good to work together in a completely different way.” 

“Lots of very positive experiences, and I have a much better understanding of what people mean rather than what they are saying” 

Really valuable and positive. Building up a team takes time and effort and I’m glad we set the time aside for this.”

I think its been really valuable to travel on this journey together and has made me much more conscious to explore what’s being held in the collective space and how that might impact on us as a team.”

“What situations do you feel the team is better able to tackle now?

We are able to have more honest discussions and the team is more engaged in decision making.

The Directors are more engaged in talking to us and vice versa. We have a more honest understanding of each other.”

We are communicating much more effectively in team meetings and at moments of collective pressure, meaning we are working more strongly as a team overall to deliver on our projects, and beginning to tackle difficult conversations more confidently.

“I think we all recognise the value of good communication. Also, I find myself being talked over far less than before… before in company meetings, it was very normal for people to talk louder than someone else to get themselves heard, butt in and generally not listen attentively to each other. So that has definitely changed.”

“We have a shared vocabulary and understanding of team building and communication that can help us in the future. We have a way to deal with what would previously have been ‘taboo’ subjects.”

“Meetings and decision making do generally seem more equitable. This makes change easier to implement and more likely to be accepted.”

Internal team discussions are better and more honest.