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Great Teams: setting minds and souls on fire!

I don’t often get to hear Pause for Thought on Radio 2, but I did catch one just before lockdown – it was Reverend Richard Coles, talking about wellbeing. Apparently, religious people enjoy better health than non-religious people.

Accepting this may seem paradoxical to many, bearing in mind how religion is often the cause of conflicts, rife with hypocrisy and toxic with scandal he used restoring a church window as a metaphor. Religion he referred to as the stonework, the window mullions – the framework, structure, rules and processes – and from that he separated the stained glass as faith – the human level experience, “the light that sparkles and glows and reveals unimaginable richness”.

Whilst repairing the stonework in preparation to re-fit the stained glass a slight tap caused a mullion to fracture and collapse…it was old, fragile and had been neglected over time. No longer capable of holding the richly stained glass.

Extending this metaphor made me think of the wellbeing challenge in business: the relationship between the framework, structure, rules and processes of the business and the human experience of being ‘in’ the business. This is the framework we create through leadership skills, through getting the best from the relationships between team members – the culture we build, promote and maintain. How strong, safe and relevant is your “stonework”, your framework, structure, rules and processes in being able to support your “window” such that all the different colours, different shapes and textures can collectively glow and contribute their richness?

To quote directly….”you cannot have one without the other. The windows need the frame; and so we need to take care of it (the frame), with all our skill and tools and dedication, so the sun can still flame in golds and greens and blues, and set our minds and souls on fire.” 


Team Development Cornwall Devon Somerset

Thoughts and reflections by Martyn Lowesmith, Team Development Specialist at Sky Space.

Martyn is a leadership, team, relationship and organisational coach with a global career spanning 30 years. He is based in Somerset in the UK and works with organisations, teams, partnerships and individuals.

He brings his experience and knowledge to all his work and continues to develop his own thinking around how to to support clients towards their potential and bring them into right relationship with humanity.

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